Our Achievements: Over 600 free advisory sessions, 36 iJAM.Reload companies, S$5.6m angel funding & government grants approved

Angel’s Gate Advisory (“AGA”) is an appointed iJAM.Reload incubator by the National Research Foundation of Singapore. The mentors are Singaporeans who focus on providing pro-bono advice and building Singapore-based startups which make a difference for Singapore and the world’s economy. We do not charge sweat equity or payment for our administration of grants or advisories.
“To reinvent the Singapore start-up community by nurturing entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs.”
Singapore celebrates its 50th birthday in 2015. But with the ever changing economical and technological landscape, what will be Singapore’s future in the next 50 years? In order to stay ahead of the curve, Singapore needs a new generation of ICT entrepreneurs to spearhead innovation and spur new economic activity. And that is our vision: To join promising Singapore-based startups to deliver mobile ICT products that will suit the markets and gain high traction growth to be ready for venture capital. These successful startups will return to the ecosystem and pay it forward to the new startups, which in turn fulfills the vision of a new generation of ICT Entrepreneurs.
“To expose predatory incubation and eradicate the hand out culture”

Our cause is social first. Silicon Valley was created by the willingness of former entrepreneurs who gave their experiences, time, resources and finances. We believe that only entrepreneurs can advise and nurture another entrepreneur. Our mentors are entrepreneurs holding experiences of success and failures. These lessons are valuable and will be imparted to our incubatees.

There has been too many stories from start-ups where they were asked to give up equity for free advice by mentors, or coerced to pay fees for various services. Eventually these start-ups do not gain the value that was promised. We intend to expose this style of predatory mentorship by offering free advisory and various services. On the flip side, the Singapore government has been generous in supporting the start-up culture and offers grants to fund ideas. However, there has been too many start-ups who abuse this privilege and only survive to obtain grants. Our mission is to eliminate such behaviour in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, be accountable to Singapore taxpayers and build real profitable companies for the Singapore ecosystem.

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    “Entrepreneurs building entrepreneurs”
    We believe only entrepreneurs can build entrepreneurs. Our mentors are all seasoned entrepreneurs with each more than 15 years of business experience.
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    “Say no to Grantepreneurship”
    A government grant is a privilege to Singaporeans and not to be taken as an entitlement. Entrepreneurs should never start from the basis that they can receive government grants in order to start a business. Entrepreneurs should believe in themselves and their passion and to proceed, even if there is no grant.
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    “Culture of giving back”
    Like the Silicon Valley culture, we believe in giving back to society. Entrepreneurs who have succeeded should give freely on their time and mentorship advice to budding entrepreneurs. We do not charge for advisory services in the iJAM.Reload Tier-1 program.
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    “Hard truths”
    We won’t mince our words when dishing out advice to start-ups. Hard truths are necessary to grow a business in the right direction.