We help determine the critical services and resources that your startup needs

  Why AGA? Why come to us?

Statistically, 99 out of 100 startups fail for many reasons. AGA is a pre-seed incubator with the necessary experience and advisory to beat the odds.

  • We have been there. An average 12-20 years of business experiences in various industries.

  • We don’t bite. We give free pro-bono advisory and funding. All we want is to help you get off the ground.

  • We grow businesses, not white elephants. Many companies are created just to ride on trends but do not have strong foundations. We believe in having profitable stable companies.

  • We believe in win-win situations. We invest long-term for successful outcomes. We use our entrepreneurial expertise to build your business together.

  • We have industry connections. Our own connections and influence in the various industries will get you valuable information to create a market fit.

We are your starting point to obtain seed funding
and develop your minimum viable product (MVP).

Angels Gate Advisory is involved in the angel / pre-seed funding stage, the beginning point of start-ups. Once the start-up is successful, it will move to the next phase of growth. We have a list of follow-on partners whom we ask for syndicated follow-on funding and will assist start-ups to seed / accelerator funding. We are not involved in Venture Capital funding. 

Type of Investments/Funding: